Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance

The CIA led war reopens in Afghanistan.


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After the announcement of President Trump new South Asian strategy and according to our sources within the American intelligence community, the US forces will double their offensives on insurgency/Taliban in Afghanistan, which the Pentagon refers to special operations, known as “surge”.

Many US Non-Official Cover (NOCs) and espionage activities will be increased. Furthermore, the CIA and US intelligence community will multiply their Afghan “snitches” and maximize their operations all over Afghanistan. This calls for amplifying of CIA Official Cover Spies (OCS). Moreover, the Pentagon and US intelligence community will maximize the area of their maneuver not only in Afghanistan but also in South Asia. The CIA will triple the drone operations and Global Hawks, in other words, technological warfare is going to be used to manage the bustles of insurgency/Taliban.

In accordance with our sources the CIA led war will be regenerated against insurgency/Taliban, because the Insurgents/Taliban have got robust for quite some time and there are narratives that Kabul regime would collapse , if the CIA does not to jump in. It is obvious the insurgents managed to control around 50 percent of the country. In addition, both Russia and Iran are paying big amounts of money to Afghans to run hate messages and put up banners and posters against the Afghan government, the NATO Coalition, and all Sunni Muslims in Afghanistan.

Meantime, Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) is trying to curtail the role of peace from the process. It gives the impression that, one should keep in mind the war is far from over for Afghans since, Afghans face four breeds of wars in the country:

  1. Extremist war
  2. Tribal war
  3. Sectarian war
  4. CIA war

To be sincere, the extremist war is counterbalance to CIA war and vice versa. There is no ground for extremists to expand their maneuvers except for some pockets of resistance of narco-terrorism, power brokers and jihadists who hang about to “bang the drum of spiritual warriors”.

Regrettably, the bona fide war may last in Afghanistan because of the tribal war and sectarian war and the war between different religious sects; most specifically the war amid Shiites and Sunnis. Such wars and hostilities will lead this new-fangled Afghanistan to be part of the aged old history once again. According to the Assessments of Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance Germany, there is now a growing sense among the Afghan people that Iran is feeding Shiite unrest and Saudi Arabia is feeding Sunni unrest both against each other.  There really is no insurgency/Taliban as it used to be here. It is now outside countries picking either a Sunni or Shiite side to support violence and unrest against each other and the target country is Afghan soil. What used to be the Taliban Organizational Extremism is now a myth. However, the memory of this myth is being used against the people of Afghanistan, the American and the entire International Community to hide the actions led by Saudi Arabia plus Pakistan and Iran to enlarge the global war between the Sunni and Shiite Islam. 

To avoid the above said quandaries and predicaments and keep the country on the accurate track of political stability, sustainable economic developments, evolving security and the state sovereignty, the Afghan government is required to:

  1. Call for the establishment of a joint counter narco-terrorism team
  2. Call for a joint counter black market team
  3. Call for a joint counter illegal weaponry team
  4. Call for a joint border guard team to halt cross-border terrorism, infiltration of illegal drugs and narcotics as well as permeation of black money
  5. Call for responsibly utilization and distribution of all aids coming into Afghanistan, in order to enhance the lives of all citizens; Sunnis, Shiites and others

It comes across that the Afghan president is not willing to comply with any of mentioned prerequisites, because his team members are indulged with drug mafia, black money, illegal weapons and cross-border terrorism. These have become milking cows for his entire team. If the Afghan President will not come up, Afghanistan will be an arena for neighboring countries and other regional powers to pursue their strategic depth all the way through Afghan soil.   

The only choice left for Americans and Afghans in order to bear a resemblance to the strategic depth of the US with of Afghanistan is to establish counter-balances at different levels in the region to brazen out insurgency, their sanctuaries and sponsors.