Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance

Trump's administration should formulate a viable strategy for Afghanistan


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Since Donald Trump came to power in the United States of America, tough discussions have taken place amongst the major strategists and foreign policy runners in Washington in order to devise a strategy for the war-torn country Afghanistan.

The new strategy will not be workable unless the US change the military establishment of Pakistan and modify the behaviour of deep state of the country.

The US strategy formulators ought to not be reluctant of the Pakistani deep-state disastrous function in the region. From the time when Pakistan emerged as a nation-state, the Army has played a magnificent role in convening the foreign policy objective of the country. Its function revitalized since the cold war between America and former Soviet Union began and USSR occupied Afghanistan. Pakistan became the number one strategic ally of America in South Asia.

The Pentagon heavily invested on the Pak Army and pumped billions of dollars, provided the army with the lasted military technology and equipment. Moreover, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) sponsored and trained Inter Intelligence Service (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) and the army itself. This, to engulf Soviet Union in Afghanistan thru the so-called freedom fighters (Islamic fundamentalists) in order to take revenge of Vietnam War from Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Meantime, the Pentagon and Pak Army made a deal allowing the army to pursue its own foreign policy objectives in Afghanistan and in India. However, America was well aware of the backlashes of the fundamental Islam in the region. But the US ignored the Pakistani army vicious intentions because the American desire was to defeat the Red Army by hook or by crook.

Ever since, Pakistani Army has clandestinely pursued its foreign policy objective in Afghanistan and in Indian-Kashmir, the army continued its intents even in the after-math of Soviet Union. Pakistan under the leadership of its army has expanded its strategic depth in Afghanistan and in India.

Currently, the strategic depth of Pakistan for Afghanistan includes the following objective:

  • puppet regime in Kabul
  • recognition of the Durand-line as an official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • access to the natural resources and markets of Central Asia

Its policy for India is:

  • to get control of Kashmir
  • engage the Indian army in asymmetric warfare
  • export Islamic fundamentalism and insecurity along with insurgency

In order to achieve the said goals Pakistani Army trained, financed and harboured the most malicious terroristic cells. The said army sponsored Lashker-e-tuiba under the leadership of Haiz Muhammad Saeed and Army of Muhammad under the leadership of Masood Azhar to confront India, meantime Pakistani Army funded and guided Tahrik-e-Taliban led by Mullah Habtullah and Haqani network led by Sarajudin Haqani, the army had already harbored Osama Benladen the master-mind of Al-Qaida. Presently Pakistan is the host of Ayman-ulzawaheri, the new leader of Al-Qaida.

Furthermore, Pakistan has been popularized as a sponsor, trainer and exporter of Islamic-terrorism, not only in the region but also in the entire world, of course because of the sadistic foreign policy objective of the army. However, American strategists have yet to alter their conduct towards Pakistan.

Thus, Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance Germany advocates Trump’s administration to rejuvenate its regional forward policy for Afghanistan and the region, before we see a complete loss of over 16 years of support.

The current adversaries to the US, NATO and Supporting Allies have a growing sense of success. Also, they have no intention of freely cooperating with the larger plan of the US, NATO and Supporting Allies and will do everything possible to disrupt and destroy all plans. If the current situation does not change through strong US leadership and any miscalculation as of Obama’s administration take-place, the Afghan people will suffer greatly. The Afghan nation will never progress. The Afghan families will be thrown in to a destructive tailspin. The Afghan government evolution will never progress to a leadership role in the region as the centrepiece of cooperation, trade, diplomacy and commerce. If the Trump-administration will not invigorate its strategy for Afghanistan and the region, the Afghan built/US supported Kabul regime will collapse and the American global credibility as an “Ultra-Superpower” would be questioned.